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    Excalibur Artillery Shells

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      Excalibur Artillery Shells WC-1401-4


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      Excalibur by World Class has been wowing fireworks enthusiasts of all ages for decades!  Ranked as America's favorite artillery shell and the best quality canister shell on the market! Each kit comes with 24 different effects and is bundled with 4 high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tubes for a professional launch that will last for years.  These high quality canisters break big and hard, with a span of 200 feet wide and 250 high!

      Effects Include:

      Jumbo Red Dahlia

      Green Glittering With Crackles

      Red and Silver Peony

      Jumbo Crackling

      Silver Crackling Palm

      Jumbo Silver Chrysanthemum

      Golden Chrysanthemum

      Silver Wave To Red Whirlwind

      Green Glittering With Crackles

      Multi-Color Peony With Crackling Pistil

      Multi-Color Peony

      Brocade Silver To Blue Whirlwind

      Blue And White Glittering

      Brocade Crown To Cracjkes

      Golden Chrysanthemum

      Brocade Silver To Yellow

      Purple and Green Peony

      Jumbo Brocade Crown

      Dragon Eggs

      Golden Willow With Crackling

      Jumbo Green Chrysanthemum

      Silver Wave To Green Whirlwind

      Brocade Silver to Green Whirlwind


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